codecademyYesterday I mentioned I’m learning a new programming language to be able to do more with my RPi2.
To learn Python I came across Codecademy. This is a free learning portal that will get you the basics of coding in several languages. I am currently going through about 13 hours of training and am half way today. This is definitely a good website to get quickly up to speed with the language.

The RPi2 is up and running

The mailman delivered the RPi2 this afternoon. I quickly unboxed and put the NOOBS SD card in the slot.
Attached to the TV via HDMI and connected a mouse and keyboard and turned on the power.
After the install all works fine! Impressive for a small machine.
I also have a WIFI dongle. This required two restarts to get up and running.
Now its time to do some other things.

quick picture of set-up

A new hobby

Today I decided it is time for a new hobby to get back into my engineering skills. I came across the RPi months back when it was just released and it stayed in the back of my mind till a few days back. I have read several articles on what it can do and got more and more interested.
I ordered this morning the new version Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB, Micro SDHC card 8GB, Micro SDHC card 4GB, 2A power supply and the NoIR camera.

First step is to download the relevant software on my laptop:

To setup the SD cards
– SDFormatterv4 to format the SD cards.
– Win32DiskImager to install any images on the SD cards

I hope the mailman will bring the ordered hardware tomorrow, so I can start playing and learning.

My first projects will be simple:
– getting RetroPie set-up to replace the C64, Super Nes and N64 machines in the house
– create a night vision camera to track the wild life

Kunst in Zuid

Er is op dit moment eeen openlucht tentoonstelling van sculpturen te zien in Amsterdam Zuid. Deze werken van bekende kunstenaars als Dali zijn echt het bekijken waard! Ik fietste er toevallig langs.